“Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant."

...the company grows with people

#RBeConnected implement in their companies leaders, who believe it is their people who are the heart and the engine of the company.

In a healthy company people work together as a whole. They learn from each other, share their knowledge and cooperate across teams, departments and the whole company on a common goal, which is prosperity of the company

Leaders in such a company are well aware of these attributes and therefore support sharing, communication and mutual relationships by organizing regular get-togethers and group coaching. And that’s what #RBeConnected is about.

What is the goal?

The goal is to create an environment for healthy sharing, mutual support and cooperation and shift company culture from “I-versus-them” to “we together”. This could be achieved only when people in the company get more space to get to know each other, learn from each other and respect each other not for their status, but for what they bring to others and the company. People then prosper, they strengthen their relationships and the company gets stronger.

What does it bring?

Shared knowledge

Sharing knowledge among colleagues helps to increase the level of knowledge and experience in the company and it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel any more.

Strong relationships

There are established new strong relationships among people who start to cooperate and help each other across the whole company. Shared success naturally supports cooperation and willingness to work for the welfare of the whole team instead of competing with each other.

Better decision-making

In this new environment information is now available to everyone. People at all positions have better overview of what is going on also in other departments and therefore make better decisions, because they take it into account - they make decisions aligned with the whole.

Real impact

#RBeConnected brings measurable change, because people not only talk about their problems and needs - they act. Regular gatherings always connect those who can solve the problem at hand and leads them to action.





How does it work?

When creating #RBeConnected, we got inspired by the best from e.g. Tribal Leadership, Balint groups, Council circles and Building business networks (Czech only).

#RBeConnected - it is regular short and efficient gatherings of up to 20 people having a similar focus. They usually meet once a month for 1-3 hours during half a year at least.
In the first part of the gathering participants share what they currently work on, what experience they can offer to others and at the same time they can ask for inspiration, advice or help from others.
After this “need and offer exchange” participants together plan concrete actions satisfying their needs. They plan the actions so their results and lessons learnt could be evaluated at the next regular gathering.
Unlike traditional gatherings of professional communities, this way of efficient information sharing motivates participants to meet again and again. This way the programme becomes not only sustainable but also independent of external facilitators, speakers or inventing new topics in future.

Who will be your guides?

Martin Chmelař

I love to support both individuals and teams on the way to their dreams and help them to find direction and make the next step, be it leading a company, starting a new business or developing software.

Tomáš Tureček

I help company leaders increase productivity and activate potential of their people. I enjoy learning and trying new things and then transforming them into a systemic and human-sustainable solution.

Aleš Pokorný

I wake up initiative, creativity and fervor in people - these qualities are the way to development and growth. I care about searching purpose in what we do and I believe in synergy of thoughts.

Lenka Papadakisová

What I like on working with leaders and their teams is shifting their personal borders and create conditions for conscious cooperation, which engages both head and heart and strengthens group wisdom.

Milan Pařil

I have learnt much about myself and it became my passion to pass this invaluable experience to others - adult and children, teams and companies.

Petra Prošková

I am a person who sees mainly people beyond numbers. My mission is co-creating company ecosystems and helping companies discover the best in people.

Sandra Fridrichová

I love changing monday haters to monday lovers. I help companies to create an environment full of satisfied, enthusiastic and engaged people. Those, who breathe for the company.

We navigate teams

  • From rivalry to cooperation and acting together
  • From fear of failure to experimenting and learning
  • From “impossible” to activity and responsibility
  • From status quo to innovations
  • From firm hierarchy to a living organism

#RBeConnected through the eyes of participants

“I can help others by what I know and can do regardless of my position in hierarchy”
“I meet new colleagues who I don’t work with otherwise and I get to know them from other than work related situations.”
“When I have a problem, someone helps me. I’m not alone.”
“At last we have a way to celebrate success together.”
“I don’t get bored at unnecessarily long meetings and at the same time I have all information I need. I know about everything important happening in the company therefore I can get easily involved in existing projects.”
“We learn from each other. No one is left behind and we don’t re-invent the wheel. First time in my job I experience that 2 plus 2 is more than 4.”
“In the group I get different perspectives and I learn to see and solve things differently.”

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